Full Service Payroll

How It Works

❶ Intuit sets up your account

  • We transfer prior payroll information
  • We verify employee and company information
  • We set up direct deposit accounts

❷ You enter the hours

  • You enter hours and preview payroll
  • Instant alerts if errors are detected such as hours significantly different from usual
  • You can even compare with previous periods

❸ We do the rest

  • We process payrolls weekly, bi-weekly,semi-monthly, or monthly
  • We notify you about upcoming taxes and forms
  • We create and distribute W2s at year end


Save Money with 5 Employees!

Save more than 15% on average per month by choosing Intuit Full Service Payroll vs. ADP*
Save an average of $250 or more per year by choosing Intuit Full Service Payroll vs. ADP*

* Estimate based on 12/10 fifteen-state comparison of Intuit Full Service Payroll vs. ADP Essential Payroll for 5 employee business running payroll bi-weekly. Prices may vary by state and number of employees.