In most cases, we recommend bringing your payroll "in-house" for better financial reporting, job-costing and control.  Intuit offers several choices in payroll subscriptions that simplify payroll right within your QuickBooks file.  

Of those solutions, we recommend Intuit Assisted Payroll.  We find it provides the best of both worlds where you have control of your payroll processing, but do not have the liability of making timely tax deposits, filing returns, and handling year-end tasks.  And it's reasonable priced compared to other providers!


Assisted Payroll is the solution that allows you to run your business while Intuit helps takes care of the hard parts for you:

  • Guides you step-by-step through payroll set-up and running your first payroll, if you need it
  • Handles payroll taxes and filings for you — guaranteed accurate and on-time.
  • Automatically integrates your payroll information into QuickBooks
  • Prepares your employees' year-end W-2s
  • No double data entry - because you enter your employees' hours directly, all your payroll data is automatically integrated in QuickBooks
  • Effortlessly track job costs and profitability by project
  • All your payroll data is at your fingertips, so you can instantly understand labor costs and run reports anytime
  • Get free LIVE phone support from an Intuit payroll specialist so it's easy to call us if you need help
  • Get the benefits of outsourcing at less than the cost of ADP or Paychex

In addition, Assisted Payroll Includes:

  • Intuits "No Penalties" guarantee means your payroll taxes and filings are guaranteed accurate and on time
  • If a tax issue does come up, an Intuit specialist will work with the tax agency to help resolve it for you


How Does Assisted Payroll Compare?

On average, Assisted Payroll costs 35% less per year than Paychex and 50% less per year than ADP. 

*Savings are based on an based on 11/08 comparison of Assisted Payroll vs. Paychex small business category and ADP Easy Pay package. Prices may vary by state and number of employees. read more here

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