We know that having the confidence that your records are accurate and current will give you peace of mind to focus on what you do best! We would like to share with you some of our success stories.

FEATURED CLIENT - Lisa Fallon, It's a Gift

Quickbooks Consultant Denver Colorado

"I have three small businesses built in to one. I have a promotional products, gifts and event planning business. Before I used BottomLine Consulting, I felt unsure and had no confidence that I was running my business efficiently. I never knew if my taxes were filled out correctly. I didn't have a computerized bookkeeping system that was effectively in place to make sure that all of my numbers were accurate. After using BottomLine consulting, I am confident that my business is running smoothly and that my numbers are accurate. I would often be buried under paperwork on my desk, but not any more. I can actually see the statistics on how I am doing, at any given point during the year, all on through the Quickbooks system that was customized for my business by BottomLine Consulting. I used to spend days pulling my income tax information together at the end of the fiscal year. Now, it is a matter of hitting the right keys and takes only minutes. It would take seconds, but my printer takes a little longer to kick the paper work out! I couldn't be happier with how efficiently my business is running because of BottomLine Consulting. Now, I actually have more time to go out and develop more accounts!"

Additional Client Testimonials

"BottomLine handled all of our bookkeeping and basic accounting functions from the inception of our business in early 2010 to our recent sale of the company in December 2012. As a marketer by trade I needed a lot of help managing the financial end of the business, and the BottomLine team was there for me every step of the way. Their service was consistently great, and the way the team is structured (with a mix of Controller-level talent and basic bookkeeping skills) helped to keep the costs reasonable. Perhaps the best thing I can say about BottomLine is that we just got through an extensive round of due diligence with no major questions about our finances or bookkeeping. Highly recommended."

- Robin Meredith, Owner Interaxis, January 2013


"My company has become a huge success due to the support, guidance, direction, knowledge and insight that Lisa Pierpont of BottomLine Consulting has offered me over the past years. I have been a client of this ProAdvisor since 2010 and truly believe that Lisa is a huge part of the success I now experience. Lisa is very professional and ethical ProAdvisor consultant with one goal in mind - to help me succeed. Lisa has not only taught me how to utilize my company QuickBooks file, her guidance and knowledge have helped me strategically continue to grow my company and put strategic plans in place along the way to deal effectively with that growth. Through her encouragement, training and experience I was able to transform my business ideas into a “real” company by putting a solid infrastructure in place. Lisa has the ability to tailor a program that is a perfect fit for the unique needs of a company. Her ability to understand her clients, their goals, business needs all put together with the passion to really help people succeed in their business is what makes Lisa so special. I have continued to work with Lisa over the last couple of years as I trust her implicitly in helping with ongoing business growth needs and issues. Lisa has ultimately been more than a ProAdvisor consultant to me and my business. She has been a partner and mentor."

-Susanne Costello, Owner Pupsicles Dog Care October 29, 2012


"Ms. Pierpont quickly and efficiently restructured our system and performed what I consider an amazing "clean-up" of our accounting system. Her skills were invaluable to us and allowed us to come from a negative position at the end of 2007 to a very positive position at near year-end 2008. The investment we made in Ms. Pierpont's services allowed us to understand our business better. With her assistance we are now able to prepare and monitor cash flow and year-end tax estimates and prepare realistic budgets."

– Managing Director, Alliance of Therapy Specialists


“Lisa is a valuable asset to my organization. She has allowed me to be more efficient in several accounting aspects. We have been able to save the company money with many of her recommendations. She has great knowledge in her trade, and in QuickBooks®. I would highly recommend her. She is a great problem solver and actually thrives on the challenge.”

– Office Manager, Vass Inc. (custom cabinet manufacturer)


“Lisa has helped me get my books in order, helping me quickly assess my business. I feel more in control using the system she helped me design. I’m also saving considerable hours by using the QuickBooks® shortcuts and methods she’s taught me to manage my own books.”

– Regional Vice President, Arbonne International


“Lisa provided great support and training during an upgrade of our accounting software. She also was very helpful in identifying current and future accounting and inventory tracking needs.”

– Owner, Ambajam Children’s Clothing, Denver, Colorado


"Lisa is a terrific problem solver with excellent computer skills. She streamlined our financial data resulting in meaningful reports, increasing our bottom line profit. She also analyzed our procedures and implemented changes, streamlining operations. She made a significant contribution to the overall health of our company."

President, Dunollie Looms Inc. (custom garment manufacturer and retailer)


“Lisa is a talented bookkeeper and QuickBooks® advisor. She is very reliable and trustworthy in every aspect of her business. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– President, K Studios( Interior Design), Denver, Colorado

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